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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1 The purchased products stay property of SDmodelcartuning until the full payment has been received.

2 Our products are not suitable for Children under the age of 14Years. Our Wheelsets are universal so suitable for many modelcars however because each modelcar manufacturer uses different axle connectors it sometimes will be needed to do some work on the standard axles connectors on the modelcar.

3 All sales and deliveries are made under our these terms & conditions .

4 Your data is kept and handled with great care and will not be given to others.

5 Our website is not a stock list, If a product is on stock than it will delivered within 5 working days depending on the country where the products need to be shipped to. If a product is out of stock than the product will be delivered to the customer within 4 weeks. In some special cases if a product is not in stock we keep the right to send the customer a product which is almost the same as the original purchased product.

6 Our prices are excl. Shipping, banking and packing costs, a product will only be delivered after receipt of the full payment.

7 We can ship our products to all countries in the world but the shipping costs may vary depending on the country where the products need to be shipped (see shippingcosts)

8 The seller can not be held responsible for any damage caused by transportation or wrong use of the product.

9 It is forbidden by the Dutch law to use any photo´s or other material/products of SDmodelcartuning for Commercial purposes without the explicit written and signed approval of SDmodelcartuning.

10 Some products or parts of products need to be painted or glued together, If required by the customer we can paint or glue some parts together for a small fee. (see product options)Also when there is mentioned in the product description KIT or Assemblykit this means this product will be delivered unpainted and possibly in loose parts which needs to be assembled together. The aluminium wheelsets are made partially from aluminium and the centerparts are made from resin/plastic.

11 Deliveries and sales are made under the Dutch law, the International law is not accepted. In case of a conflict the discussion will be made in a Court of Law in The Netherlands.

12 The products of SDmodelcartuning are produced and delivered with great care to the customer, but in case the customer would like to switch the delivered product for another product than this is possible within 14 working days after receipt of the product . The products needs to be in the original sealed packing. The shipping costs need to be paid by the customer. Original postage fees cannot be refunded and a customer specific produced product such as painted wheels or parts cannot be returned.

13 online orders are a by law binding commitment.

14 Conditions for our Discount Coupons; The discount coupon can be used with orders above €35,00 euro (product value), the discount coupon is bound to the customer account and cannot be transferred to others. Only one coupon can be used per order.

15 Our liability is limited but in some cases maximum liability value is the sales value of the order.

16 We hold the right to cancel and refund a order – sale without giving reasons.

Valid: 2021